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Hailing from China, I received my Ph.D. degree in Operations Research from MIT in 2022 and my bachelor's degree in Physics and Applied Math from Stanford in 2017. After graduation, I worked as a machine learning scientist at Meta (Facebook) and (a startup in autonomous driving).


Outside work, I enjoy running, hiking, reading, learning languages, and playing with my two lovely cats, Sushi and Uni.


Fun fact: I learned to play Gu-zheng (Chinese zither) in college and founded the Mass Ave Chinese Music Ensemble at MIT. 

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2018 - 2022

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Ph.D. in Operations Research

Thesis: Financial and Analytic Innovations for Therapeutic Development (link

Thesis advisor: Andrew W. Lo (Website

2013 - 2017

Stanford University

B.S. in Physics (with Honors)

B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science

Graduation Honor: University Distinction

Honors Thesis: Quantum Tunneling and Spontaneous Baryogenesis in the Relaxion Model (link

Thesis advisor: Peter Graham

Awards and Honors

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